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Distributing Assembly Components to Original Equipment Manufacturers Worldwide

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Distributing Assembly Components to Original Equipment Manufacturers

Global Industrial Components, Inc. is a reliable partner of many manufacturing businesses worldwide. We have been in the business for over 28 years, providing some light-duty assembly services and distributing assembly components to original equipment and vehicle manufacturers. Our products include:
Also, we help various markets reduce their manufacturing costs by offering creative supply chain solutions. Learn more about what we do by visiting our Services page.
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Fasteners and Bolts

Servicing a Wide Variety of Industries

GIC is a full-service assembly components distributor offering a full line of standard and specialty fasteners. The majority of our products are offered to several industries, including:

Assembly Parts for Automotive Industry

GIC specializes in supplying the automotive industry. We are an approved Tier I and Tier II automotive supplier, specializing in car fasteners and other small components with level III PPAP and documented lot control capabilities. You can find our products in many of these auto brands:
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Nuts and Bolts
Additionally, GIC offers a wide variety of automotive components, including:

Other Offerings

Asian-Sourced Products

GIC locates robust manufacturing facilities in the Eastern markets to assist our customers in lowering costs without sacrificing quality.

MRO Products

We can supply your MRO needs as well. We deliver brand names you can trust, such as 3M, Irwin, Stanley, and Loctite. Contact us today for your MRO inquiry.
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